14.1 Google Glass

‚ÄěOk, glasses‚Äú immediately the reality is extended for a new dimension.
The cooking recipe, the route or informations about sights appear in the corner of the eye. Regardless of the point of time or the situation, if you have a question, you want to take a picture or video without using your hands you should get this glasses for yourself.
Google Glass enables it.
Google Glass delight their pobands since a couple of months. Now the probands see the world with new eyes. But are these new eyes beneficial if you want to live in here and now? Are they an instrument for living completely out of reality or observing the reality more consciously?
Google Glass is a computer that is hidden in glasses which presently looks very futuristic – Design under progress. This computer listens to your voice and projects the result in the focus of the spectacle wearer.
A nonchalant wink that takes a picture is very inviting. To see direct translations live, to open the garage door afar and to come home while the music with adapted light is already playing is very useful and comfortable.
The glasses pose, like all the new gadgets which have internet access and communicate with other gadgets, a challenge for privacy activists. Where are chinks? Who is able to see what I see? What if my vis-√†-vis don‚Äėt want to be filmed? Who is interested in knowing how long I watch for example advertisment and which responses or emotions it causes for my part? Exactly this technique Google has patented under the name ‚ÄěPay per gaze‚Äú.
An illusory world which parallels, an unlimited information overload or a normal development that was foreseen?
2014 Google Glasses will com into market. Nice…if it let‚Äės the human be more and more human.