15.3 Iris van Herpen

Iris van Herpen is a dutch Designer, who creates a new kind of fashion. Instead of functional design or mass production, she foregrounds the extravaganz and the uniqueness in her clothes.
As a would-be designer she began to work with soft textiles very early. She continued to explore new materials, to design new drafts and to interpret the relation between clothes and body in a new way. So she developed one of her singularities: the change between disguise and free view of the body.
But how van Herpen is able to realize these sculptural clothes?
The answer is the symbiose: Through the connection of trade, tecnical innovations and the input of 3D Printern van Herpen prints her clothes and discovers a new way of designing which pitchfork her on the top of the fashionbranche.
Her Fashion isn ŐĀt suitable for everyday life, but however Iris van Herpen creates a new futuristic fashion which is ready to become artwork.

Vanessa Enz