13.1 Rocky Musical

This are touching words from the titel song of the musical ‚ÄěRocky, fight from the heart‚Äú, which had his premiere in november 2012 in the Tui Operettenhaus in Hamburg. The piece takes the audience in a roller coaster between lovestory, social drama and american dream. 1975 it was Sylvester Stallone who had the idea for the scenario of Rocky, after having seen a boxing match, which was affected by the courage and the fighting spirit of a young boxer. Stallone became a world star over night and got some oscars with this story of Underdog Rocky Balboa from Philadelphia. For that reason Stallone was enthusiastic when Stage Entertainment wanted to make a musical of the story. The production took seven years, also the Klitschko brothers were involved, and captures now every observer.

The amateur boxer Rocky Balboa falls in a midlife crises, the only important things in his life are boxing and his love for Adrian, the sister of his best friend. But both leaves a lot to be desired. Until the day he get the offer to fight against the acting world champion. It is his big chance. It becomes an absorbing fight between the world champion and a nobody, who is not boxing for a titel but for appreciation, love and the american dream.
The actor Drew Sarich as ,Rocky‚Äė and Wietske voan Tongeren as ,Adrian‚Äė make the figures of the musical alife as well as the spectacular stage technologies. Despite the different arenas the piece doesn‚Äėt collapse in single scenes but on occurrence flows into another. All scenes are linked by dumping, turning or lowering. The absolute highlight is the final fight. The boxing ring moves into the audience and you get the impression to be in a real boxing arena. The music underlines the mood of the characteres. Beside the Rocky classics like ‚ÄěEye of the tiger‚Äú and ‚ÄěGonna fly‚Äú also new german pop songs are performed.
The Musical ‚ÄěRocky, fight from the heart‚Äú is a lovely and exciting interpretation of the correspondent film – in which it isn‚Äėt necessary to have seen it before. The audience dunks immediately in all the ups and downs of the production. Furthermore the audience is entertained by great dialogs, authentic actors, impressive pictures and exciting choreografies and is flaged down to stay for its dreams and to act wird the heart, even if nobody put something past. Fight from the heart!