Born and raised in the Bergisch Land,  Aimo now lives in one of the most beautiful cities: Hamburg.

Influenced in the upper middle-class household of his parents with icons and modern art, antiquities
and books, he then knew simplicity in the hall of residence.

Both by temperament, as well as through these two poles of his life, he connects Rhenish cheerfulness
and openness with the northern german reliability and clarity. Numerous visits to Spain, his operating
for a year in New York and many travels around the world, gave distinction to his life, his values, his social
understanding of others and his ideas.

His passion for poetry and music, in particular american literature of the 20th Century and jazz, as well as
modern art, theatre and dance echo in all his works.

In studies (Architrecture & Philosophy) he learned to demand the impossible, in order to reach the possible,
he has learned to style his works on Bauhaus and modernism. But postmodernism, deconstructionism and
classicism are not alien him, even if his heart belongs to modernism.

Profession in the sense of vocation describes his work the best: the idea to develop his creative works together
as a team with colleagues and clients, for years has contributed successfully to the concept of the studio.

Transparency and democracy, but above all passion and commitment in the context of great empathy, form the
modern and honest works that could only have been realised in all these years, with the respective clients in these
places and in their time.

His works are committed only to the client and good design.

Profession in the sense of vocation.

Aimo Plus

2016 Relaunch Website
2012 Expansion with Showroom at Vienna
2010 Start of International Projects
2009 Relaunch Website
2007 Expansion and move of Aimo Plus to new premises
Current head office: Bogenstraße 43/Schlankreye, 20144 Hamburg, Germany
2003 Expansion in Feldbrunnenstraße 53
2001 Launch Website Aimo Plus
1997 Foundation of
Aimo Plus Gesellschaft f√ľr Gestaltung mbH
Former seat: Feldbrunnenstraße 53, 20148 Hamburg
Since 1992 Freelance Projects


1994 – 1997 Philosophy
1989 – 1994 Architecture
1993 Academic Award BDA
1992 Summer Academy HWP
1991 Royal Institute of British Architects Competition
1990 Summer Academy Pentiment


von Bismarck & Partner Architekten, Hamburg
Dibelius Architekten, Hamburg
Medium Architekten
Agrest & Gandelsonas, New York – USA
Dibelius + Franke Architekten Hamburg
P.R.R.O. Bau, Bauunternehmung Hamburg
Planungsgruppe Architektur + Wohnen, NRW