12.1 aSera

aSera is a contemporary interpretation of the theme chandelier.

The round basic type is used, but it is at the same time highly reduced. The historic link of simple ring lustres to crystallic chandeliers are newly arranged by modern materials and actual light technology:

A cylinder of 6mm smoke-coloured acrylic glass of a 100cm diameter is kept by a a wheel of 3 brushed stainless steel spokes.

This spoked wheel is holded by three piano wires, which are connected to a ceiling mounted stainless steel cylinder (of course brushed as well), which. And the spokes foramina the acrylic glass cylinder to show the supporting structure frankly. A harmonised born textile cable allows the power connection.

Below the spoked wheel within the acrylic glass cylinder is a supportive plate, which sets a ring of 180 LED lights. These lights are mirrored in small plates, partially smoked, partially clear, partially reflecting ‚Äď these make the view from below to a special experience: By the mixture of¬† smoked, clear and reflecting small plates the number of LED lights is multiplied and the visible circle is fractured. Viewing from below into the lustre aSera, this seems to be from another world.

The 180 warmwhite LED lights of the light colour Kelvin 2700 with 40W over all are controlled by an electronic transformer. The calibration of dimmable LED lights with this multi-purpose transformer makes sure, that the light aSera is not only dimmable but also compatible to modern light systems like KNX or in this case Arteor.

The idea is to develop a light series, of different diameters, heights and colours ‚Äď depending on the room it shall be placed.