14.2 IA Offen

Our work doesn‚Äėt know any frontier

INNENarchitektur OFFEN 2014

Looking back, we see numerous europe-wide projects and clients.

On the 19th of June, we invited to see our studio and to celebrate, communicate and inform. Our ambition was to let our 80 clients, colleagues and friends to participate in our work.

Occasion gave us the Association of German Interior Designers (BDIA) with his series of events Innenarchitektur Offen (Interior Design open).

The evenings theme was ‚ÄěNetworked in Europe‚Äú was embossed by the colour orange, which was visible in the invitations, the decoration and the beverages.

A spatial installation, consisting of 800 meters of orange thick rope captured the urban space, the forecourt as well as the studio itself. The composition of the rope conducted / connected and blocked / divided at the same time. Ways and areas were opened, others closed. ‚Äěnetwork‚Äú became perceptible.

This ambience highlighted the network of our projects throughout Europe, which were presented by images, music, quotes and culinary specialities.

At the large map initiative was needed: In a short time there were lots of orange dots on the map which marked past and future travel destinations.

During this evening the net was filled with conversations, laughter, enjoyment and dreams. Outside it became dark, inside it became orange and convivial. The orange hours crossed slowly over to nocturnal ones.